About Us

Tradition & Passion

Alcalde’s started in 2015 from a humble home kitchen in Cavite. A home-borne story as the family saw opportunities behind the fast changing lifestyles of busy households along with their limited access to good quality home meals.

Wonderfully tossed in every gourmet bottle is a mother’s loving passion for home-cooking and the joy of sharing the epicurean taste of premium ingredients personally prepared, cooked and bottled especially for our customers with discriminating taste.

Alcalde’s represent not only what is good. It is gourmet. Through word of mouth, our gourmet products reach is constantly growing to become a regular favorite by most of our Filipino “kababayan” and “balik-bayan” repeat customers.

Our Commitment

“Our customers deserve that every portion served is a recipe delightful to their senses.” We believe that by committing ourselves to providing our customers with home quality and delicious food consistent with our thoughtful creativity and love for service we then bring value to an otherwise ordinary food.

So here we are, staying true to our values by being here to provide it… from our family to your family.

All Natural

Alcalde's is proud of sharing with you a line of premium products – hand filleted, produced and hand-packed from a rich sustainable resource and bounty of nature. Each bottle has preserved naturally occurring pleasant savory tastes of ingredients bursting from nature."

The most delightful meal would even include a simple potluck with friends. How can it not be special when you can already have our ready bottled products that easily adds to the fun without much of cooking preparations?

Because You Matter

At Alcalde’s, we show we care about our customers by the quality of products we provide them. Making sure we stay consistent, means a healthy partnership with our customers and our people stays consistent as well. 

We believe that a good reputation is something that is earned. When we drive our business with values and act in ethical ways, our reputation grows. Gladly through the years, the number of our satisfied customers have grown. A healthy testimony that – you do matter.

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